How we get Smooth & Regular Earning by Invest of ₹349/- Only for One Time?

Dear Internet Friends,

Give us some minutes. We will show, how to start your own Business for Smooth Earning by One Time Investment Just Only ₹349/-

All we know, In today's hard life, It's too difficult to Earn Money. So, We all think twice before investing their hard earned money in any company or business.

If we told you, How you can earn thousands in a month or two by invest very few amount of money.

After All, what you can use of ₹349/- "Just a couple of coffee in Restaurant" or "Recharge your Phone only"


Powerful Business Concept

First of all, This system is 100% legal and 1000% successful. This is not a Scam or Fraud way of earning Money. This system of earning money is very simple than any other system in the Internet. You can see the result in few days.

This is not a Money chain program or MLM.

First you need to Invest Just ₹349/- only. If you think to invest ₹349/- for this system, then let me tell you one thing, this amount can get you only One Nice Dinner. If you want to Earn lots of Money, you can sacrifice one Sunday night dinner. By next Some Months you may go to the Restaurant in your Own Car.

Let's do a simple calculation "How will you earn in thousands"

You invest of ₹349. Then we get only ₹140 approx, after deduct 60% (Gov. Fee, Gateway Charges and Other Taxes). In this amount of ₹140, We will share 50% with you. Means you will get ₹70 in every successful transections.

After your successful Registration, You will get your own "Facebook Page" with our promotional offer "Golden Booster" automatically.(t&c applied*)

In "Golden Booster" Offer, you will get minimum 410 views daily. Means you can get approx 2,870 views in a week. (410*7)

If, only 25% peoples "Like" your post. Means you can get approx 700 Likes in a week. (2,870/25%)

And, If, Only 10% peoples invest in this program. Means you can get approx 70 Investments in a week. (700/10%)

Then you will get ₹ 4200 in a week. (70*70)

*The above Results may increase or decrease based on individuals effort*


For This ₹349 | You Will Get...

Your Own SmoothEarning Website

Once we confirmed your payment,we will set up a website with your name or email address. You will get a website similar to the one you are reading now (

Your Own SmoothEarning FaceBook Page

After build up your website,we will create a Facebook Page with your website address.

Get ₹700 in Your Wallet

After successful registration & confirm the payment, you will get ₹700 in Your Wallet.That is double of your paid amount of ₹349.

Complete Frontend & Backend Support

We will provide you, our complete support for smooth working of website's front and backend.

*** You are getting the advantages of ₹1000 approx on the registration of the ₹349 ***

Do you think that this Program will Work?

The thing to remember is, that lacs of people all over the world are joining the internet daily and reading these articles everyday, JUST LIKE YOU !!!

Reports have said, that nearly 30 crore Indians have Internet Today and approx 42,000 Indians join every day the Internet. Out of that nearly more than 30% of people are joining the internet only in search of earning opportunities. So you have a very good background to work on it. We have a lot of potential to earn.

Another Report says, that Internet users are increasing 5 times more every year. I have analyzed all the reports and surveys and they all answer only in favour of us. This program don't demand Rupees 10,000 or 5,000 or 1,000 like others do. So you can join this program without any doubt and We are sure that you will build your wealth from SmoothEarning in very short term.


SmoothEarning is very simple and easy system of Earning Money.

Create Your SmoothEarning Account

Create your account on SmoothEarning with all your correct information and make the Payment of Registration Fee from your mobile's balance.

Note : PAN Card & Bank Account is must for using this Easy Earning System.

Build Your Huge Friend Circle

You want to use your existing friend circle or build your new friend circle on social media. It's very simple with our Boosters, to create your new huge friend circle.

Share Your SmoothEarning Story

Big Earning, wants huge investments. And huge investment, wants more attracted peoples for investments. So, Share your attractive Earning Story in your circle to attract more peoples.

Congratulations... Your SmoothEarning Start

If, you complete all three steps. Congratulations... Your smooth Earning system is working.

Will this program be stopped at any time?

It is not possible to stop this program in India because everyone is trying to earn extra cash and opportunities. A big percentage of housewives, retired people and students are looking for extra cash and this human urge will never stop. This small little investment plan makes it possible for everyone to join. We can make big money working in a community and not as individuals.

Latest Offers

We provide very attractive offers to our members for boost their Earnings.

Limited Offer

Golden Booster




  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Promotion For a Week
  • 2,870* Views
  • 700* Likes
  • 70* Investments
  • Earning ₹ 4200*
  • Active on Registration
  • (for first 100 members in a month only)

Limited Offer

Diamond Booster


₹ 1200


  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Promotion For a Month
  • 13,800* Views
  • 3,450* Likes
  • 345* Investments
  • Earning ₹ 24,000*
  • Active on +100 Members

Limited Offer

Platinum Booster




  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Promotion For 3 Months
  • 41,400* Views
  • 10,350* Likes
  • 1,035* Investments
  • Earning ₹72,450*
  • Active on +300 Members

*all figures are base on approximate*

Our Services

SmoothEarning providing a best services which help you to make your Earning Smooth and Huge.

  • Complete Guidance

    We provide Complete Guidance to you regarding use of our Earning system.

  • Fully Handling

    We are completely handle your website and backend panel for smooth working of your SmoothEarning System.

  • Unlimited Support

    We provide our unlimited support to you via email on 24/7.



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